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First half of the icons from the gift calendar at my personal LJ. These are actually the first new icons I've mad in five months.
Somewhere in the middle my PC finally died and I've switched to a Mac. I have a bit of trouble adjusting to it graphic-making wise, so I'd appreciate any feedback if any of these look terribly off or vastly different from what I usually do.

(03) Drive
(04) The Deep Blue Sea
(10) Tom Hardy
(03) Stargate Atlantis
(02) James McAvoy
(02) Merlin
(11) The Avengers (mostly Steve/Tony)
(03) Queer as Folk
(02) Mary Poppins
(03) Batman
(06) Inception
(03) misc.: Ides Of March, Star Trek XI, Prince of Persia
(03) Supernatural
(06) Thor
(02) The Vampire Diaries

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Not many new icons here, most are from icon battles and activities at [livejournal.com profile] magicmachine. I feel like I really need to post these now, they're old and blocking me from starting fresh.

[01] Andrew Garfield
[05] The Avengers
[03] Captain America
[06] Doctor Who
[01] Christian Bale
[02] Michael Fassbender
[07] Haven
[05] Iron Man
[06] Joseph Gordon-Levitt
[08] Luther
[02] James McAvoy
[04] Supernatural
[02] Tom Hardy
[11] Thor
[01] X-Men First Class

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I have finally something to share, even if it's not much. My muse is still in hiding, and needs a lot of coaxing as it seems.

download @ DA

+ 1 set of brushstroke textures )
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Screencaps: ~5000 per episode, unsorted
Resolution: 1280x720
File type: jpg
File size: ~500 mb per episode(zip)

episode 01 (MU)
episode 02 (MU)
episode 03 (MU)

samples under the cut )
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Screencaps: ~5000 per episode, unsorted
Resolution: 1280x720
File type: jpg
File size: ~500 mb per episode(zip)

episode 01 (MU)
episode 02 (MU)
episode 03 (MU)

samples under the cut )
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For everyone who can't resist Cillian Murphy's pretty blue eyes:

Screencaps: 4727
Resolution: 1920x1080
File type: jpg
File size: 885 mb (zip)

Download (MU)

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You're in the right place, don't worry. This is ohfreckle, I just changed my name :)

[03] Captain America - The first Avenger
[04] Doctor Who
[06] Harry Potter
[02] The Amazing Spiderman
[17] X-men First Class

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Sign Ups are open. Come and join us!
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Ohfreckle >>> Eamesie

Ohfreckle >>> Eamesie

Ohfreckle >>> Eamesie

In case anyone wonders who this [livejournal.com profile] eamesie person is :)
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[08] Doctor Who
[12] Game of Thrones
[07] Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
[07] X-files
[16] Thor
[08] misc: Inception, X-Men 1st Class, Supernatural, Hawaii Five-0

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One wee icon textures set I've used a lot lately. I hope you enjoy them.


I'm sorry I've been so slacking about the tutorials from the Ask The Maker meme, especially since it was my own activity. I blame my job, Inception fandom and my knack for procrastination.

I am however 2/3 finished with the general and text questions and am putting them together in an "How I icon" guide. If you still have something you want to ask about my icon making process, you can do so here in this post and I'll edit in.
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The first in a row of tutorials that were requested at [livejournal.com profile] icon_talk.

Learn how to make icon like these by using Gradient Maps

Made in PS CS4
Easy, but you should know your basic tools and have a knowledge of Layer Masks

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[20] Joseph Gordon-Levitt for [livejournal.com profile] levitt20in20, may contain spoilers for 50/50

number twelve )

No worries, I have actually other icons, too ;)
Request icons are finished, as well as some of the tutorials you requested at [livejournal.com profile] icon_talk. I'll try not to spam and will stretch posting over the next couple of days.
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[20] Doctor Who

for [livejournal.com profile] 20inspirations: four Top Fives

I chose my top five caps for seasons 1, 2, 4 and 5 of Doctor Who.

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[11] Hawaii Five-0
[05] Tom Hardy/JGL
[17] Tom Hardy (Inception, The Take, Layer Cake, Warrior)

Your requests are almost done, I hope I'll be able to post them in the next couple of days.

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[06] Tom Hardy wallpapers

Made for the GQMF maker activity at [livejournal.com profile] magicmachine. Head over and have a look, there are lots of hot icons and wallpapers of hot men ;)


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[26] stock icons

I haven't made stock ages, so I'm a tiny bit rusty. Any suggestions on what to icon are highly appreciated *lazy*

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18 large-ish textures, a grabbag mix I've used for some time now myself.


- comment if you like them
- no credit necessary
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Several people asked how to make this icon:

I don't have the original psd anymore, but I've tried to recreate it as good as I could. This is what I came up with:

This icon is a collage of several caps, blended together.
These are the caps we're going to need: 1 2 3

Made with Photoshop CS4. It's only using basic blending modes, so it should be translatable to all programs.

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[18] Hawaii Five-0
[02] White Collar
[07] Supernatural
[03] Star Wars
[03] Gary Oldman
[03] Merlin
[18] misc.: LotR, Lost Girl, Sherlock, TVD, Lost, The Mentalist, Haven, Breaking Bad, True Blood,

Most of these are interest icons from that request post I made months ago. More on that later.

three )

Ok, so I guess we all agree that I totally failed on these interest icons. I made a good start, but I'd bitten off more than I can chew fandom-wise and had too many deadlines to ever get back to them. Then real life happened. Doesn't matter, I still suck.

I do want to make icons for you, but it's been almost four months since the post and I know that interests change a lot in that time. Also, a lot of the people who requested something didn't come over to the new comm, so I guess they've moved on. Which is cool, but I'd also rather not spend time on icons nobody will ever pick up.

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